The things I like

03 January 2014

I don't really like to talk about myself but I like to talk about the things I like and enjoy. Ready? Let's get started!

I like the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I like big cities and want to live in many different ones. I like getting up early. I like to work hard. I like music. I like to read. I like to learn. I like to write, but I would really like to write better. I like to tinker. I like typography. I like to simplify. I like running and have a secret crush on Nike. I like to own only a few things. I like espresso. I like colors. I like cooking more than I like to eat. I like surprising twists. I like to ponder. I like plain text. I like markdown. I would like to get better at programming. I like honest, direct and frank people. I like digital products. I like to organize. I like being prepared. I like Italian food. I like Ikea furniture. I like to build tools that people use. I like to understand things. I like the command line. I like sarcasm. I would like to get into photography. I like podcasts. I like Twitter. I like the web and that I'm constantly amazed by it. I like to design.

I like asking questions and I hope I'll never stop being curious.

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My name is Marius Scheel. I'm a designer currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. Learn more about me or have a look at my work.