I like getting up early & working hard.

What else?

My name is Marius Scheel and I'm a designer currently living and working in Berlin, Germany.

I'm fueled by the idea of empowering and connecting people and making their lives easier through software. I love getting to the bottom of things, wrapping my head around complex problems to create a simple solution and packing tiny bits of delight and surprise into my work.

I specialize in designing and building interfaces for websites and mobile apps, trying to make them as intuitive and pleasant to use as possible.

Beyond the screen

When I'm not turning pixels into usable interfaces, I enjoy reading, listening to music and podcasts, pulling triple shots of espresso or going out for a run.

I love learning new things and pushing myself. That's why I'm getting more and more into development and try to improve my writing.

I have an obsession with re-arranging app icons on my homescreen.

Get in Touch

If you like to talk about design, have a great idea or an awesome app you need help with or just want to chat, please email me.